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Immerse yourself in the rich history of JR Mahons, a distinguished Pub & Brewery in Dublin, established in 1858. Originally set up by James Rickard as a Shellfish Tavern, this iconic establishment quickly became a cornerstone of Dublin's liquid culture. Over the years, it has seen significant transformations, including a Victorian refurbishment by Patrick O’Brien in 1899 and a major renovation by Edward J. Guiney in 1919. JR Mahons played a vital role during the War of Independence, providing a safe haven for revolutionaries. Today, it stands as a symbol of Dublin's vibrant history, blending traditional hospitality with timeless charm.

James Rickard acquires First Licence in 1828

 James Rickard acquires First Licence in 1828

This old hostelry of liquid culture is steeped in the annals of Dublin’s licensed history. In that year James Rickard negotiated a long lease with the landlords and set up business here as a Spirit Dealer and Fish Factor. . James and his wife Elizabeth established a thriving Shellfish Tavern here in an environment where both food and drink were pivotal to the day-to-day business.

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